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SSDA Computex 2014 Round off


SSDA exhibition held at Computex Taipei 2014 was rounded off. Cooperation with SD Association brought the synergistic effects of key factors both on quality and quantity. A cooperative booth has attracted more than ever visitors with a chance to get rich industry knowledge and technology from both SSDA and SDA. Meanwhile, cooperation allowed the two alliances to exchange industry insights and advanced technology, and further, to expand their networks. It’s a win-win strategy for SSDA and SDA, also for stopping by visitors who could enhance abilities of SSD and SD.

SSDA is proud to say, that over 30 solid state-of-the-art storage product samples, along with test reports and storage interface tool demo indicated the future platform development and trend of SSD. The volunteers from SSDA member companies showed their endeavors to interact with global buyers, SSD product developers, and manufacturers who were interested in SSD. More or less, it’s a great opportunity to discover any potential customers for our member companies.

For continually accumulating capabilities of storage technology, SSDA announced an upcoming technical seminar in the second half of 2014 at Computex. We sincerely welcome all of you who are interested in technical seminar and hope to see you soon.


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